Locations and Instructions

Plentiful Produce cooperative was created to provide families a way to have more fresh produce at a reduced cost. You can participate by setting up a free account. There are no membership fees, no contracts and no hassles. You contribute only for the items you want in the week you choose. You can participate when you wish and as often as you wish. You participate by making a contribution for one or more baskets of produce. At the time you make a contribution for a basket of produce you can also select from several a la carte items that might be available that week.  Each week the money you contribute is combined with all of the other participant’s money to make a single bulk purchase, thus driving down the cost for every participant.

Basket pickup is done each Saturday. You make a contribution for your basket(s) between 10:01 a.m. Wednesday to 10:00am the following Wednesday morning for the following Saturday pickup. That is, 11 days to 4 days before each Saturday pickup. The produce is ordered Thursday morning then loaded on the truck and shipped Friday at midnight for delivery Saturday.

Currently the produce arrives at the various hubs where it is sorted into baskets. (Check the “Locations” link for a list of all current hub locations).

Plentiful Produce has no employees therefore it depends entirely on the patrons to volunteer to get the work done. It is recommended that you volunteer at least once for each 4 or 5 baskets you get. The “volunteer work” is sorting the produce into the baskets and other tasks preparing for the pickup at the hub and running the pickup. The tasks that need to be performed are listed below:

  • Unloading the truck.
  • Sorting the produce into the baskets.
  • Arranging and organizing the filled baskets.
  • Breaking down emptied boxes for recycle.
  • Clean up prep before pickup.
  • Helping patrons with their baskets as needed.
  • Accomplishing other tasks during pickup as requested by the hub coordinator.
  • Light cleaning of the baskets after pickup.
  • Packing and loading baskets and tables.
  • Cleanup of the hub.

After making a contribution for your basket(s) and a la carte items you will receive an email with a confirmation number. Bring this email, either paper form or digital, to the pickup. This will be required to pick up your items. Present the confirmation number to the hub coordinator and sign for your items. You will be given a basket number and directed to your basket. Bring a container with you to place your produce in. The baskets remain with the co-op for use the following week.